Friday, April 06, 2007

a dear baltimore friend / tremendous talent indeed....
(friends sent to me , i thought i'd pass it on )


For those of you who know, Landis is very ill and in the
hospital. His kidneys are suffering from renal failure and they've
started dialysis to get them working again. His spirits are very high,
but much prayer and good thoughts are needed.

We will soon begin taking donations for Landis via the special MySpace
page we set up for him. The URL is listed below. Please add him and put
him in your top friends. We're trying to get as much exposure as
possible. Landis is an amazing person who needs help from his friends
right now. Not only does he have no income right now due to being in
the hospital, but the medical bills to come will most likely be pretty
ugly. We will update the page soon with paypal information so you can
help Landis pick his life back up where he left it when he's all

Feel free to leave lots of comments and PLEASE REPOST THIS BULLETIN.
This is important. A friend needs us.

To the many, many of you who have sent your well wishes and prayers, we
thank you so much!! We love you all.
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