Friday, November 17, 2006

merrily merrily merrily merrily

dear special fx creators,

i must apologize in advance for eachtree i have not planted as it would require the growing of a forest, at the very least, to deserve what i am asking for ... ok , for starters ... i am in the entirelycommon position of serving gripe salad, injustice pie, victim stuffed dates wrapped in bacon , but this is completely irrelevant because i have swithched parties and now i am officially an imaginationist , and you are my eraser on the chalkboard of time. so lets get to bread sticks. you are being very lazy. very very lazy. could you please stop being lazy and figure out how to treat reality with special FX. really superseriously? if i could do what you did, then not only would i do what i am asking , but i would give leopards their very own blurry trails , and i would immediatelyaddress the serious " lack of moving sidewalks" problem that has plagued us for so long... i mean really ! isnt it totally boring making dinosaurs talk in some silly adventurewheretheguyand girlfallinloeandthedinosaurneverpoops? id pee my silver pants if i did that all day... not to mention ohyeah, if i was able to throwdown like that, why there would be beaches with moment trees, everything stands , cherrysand... and people would be wearing sun-derpants that would glow when they were excitedlikelighteningbugs if they were into that sorta thing ... come to think of it , there is quite thousands of completely boringthings surrounding you... maybe you are about to paint your entire life like a dentists office , and fathertime is about to punch you in the face and make you gray .... dont give up on the LALALALA! im sure i sound pushypants ....but what is missing , will not be replaced , we need to make it at home in our bathtubs like moonshine... get the species drunk on it ! when i was thirteen i couldnot stop being pissed about all the broken records ..... somebody please makesomething beautiful and possible today.


(a time machine being the highest aspiration of the regret brigade)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

how to be completely awesome :
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