Wednesday, June 21, 2006

not that i am any kind of future see-er or even have close to the personal style of a crystal ball, but it does seem that now is exactly the time for patronage. a true relationship between the artist and their supporters. if musicians/singers/bands/artists are willing (sometimes not) to put their work online for "free" and people who like them can support them DIRECTLY via paypal / donations ( much like leaving a $5 tip for two pizzas ... hopefully as filling) the supported will actually fare better and alot more REALISTIC model will take root. TO THE ANONYMOUS PERSON WHO DONATED TO THE CAUSE RECENTLY, I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH MYSELF AND ON THE BEHALF OF THOSE I WORK WITH THAT ARE NOT TANGLED UP IN THIS CRUMBY BUSINESS, WHO STILL DESERVE A SHOT (read : studio time / multitracks/ instruments). I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU . I WISH YOU WOULD LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU ARE SO I COULD LEARN SKYWRITING ONLY TO PUT A HEART ABOVE YOUR HOUSE/TRAILER/TEEPEE. you are the reason i posted this... exaclty pure. i am not against anything.... I am SUPER FUCKING PRO THIS! I sUPPOSE I SHOULD ALSO THANK THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT BUSINESS FOR KEEPING SOME OF THE WORLDS MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE AFLOAT!



p.s. (added aug 09) it seems that i did not clarify in the above address that the PAYPAL logo on this blog IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A TV ON THE RADIO / DAVID ANDREW SITEK PERSONAL SLUSH FUND ... ALTHOUGH i think that is admirable and i thank you greatly , this is actually meant to encourage people to find bands they like and support them directly .... the letter is addressed to a particular peson who donated to defray the cost of studio time for a band i recorded and THAT is what the paypal logo is there for .... NOT for DONATING TO TVOTR OR ME DIRECTLY . Again , thank you for your support .
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