Wednesday, January 12, 2005

they were swept away from a dark place.

it just may be , tiger.... it just may be. (the shaking fist of mother and the roaring of the sea)
i'm knocked out with it. i really don't know how long i've been down.... the first thing i saw when i opened my
eyes was a bunch of men with moustaches and speedos dancing in slow motion as the disco song i heard all summer [eating pancakes in that stupid sportsbar] was playing ... the men were on the deck of a boat and they were all dancing as if the world would end that thirty or forty steven spielbergs happy as he ever was (perhaps when he realized absolutely everything is toy,etc..) i had been really terribly drunk the night before and had somehow woken up with my head against this tree... again i blacked out.... but i was out until just now... i know ive been "around" , but boy was i asleep... and as always a single beam of light shone in a darkblueandgrayblack moment directly into my heart and i was ringing like the telephone of a teenager named delores in the 1950s. so im awake... as i pulled the bark from my hair i was staring at something i had written on my jeans during the long haze of last year... "heartsaresicksoundo" ... at first i thought it was a potential dog name for some astral dog i was willing , but i hadn't checked it off or crossed it out, so i doubt it.... then , a moment ago, i broke the word into its parts .... (i had written as one word so it would fit in the bleach spot in my jeans .... yeah... and i do that..... "hearts are sick , so undo".... i had no idea i was writing to myself at this moment.... i returned to love city and l saw it ... the sensitive ones were sick, the fragile ones were scared, the strong ones were sadcertain and the brave ones, they were drunk... and i (unlike louis ) did not sing what a wonderful world just yet..... it took me till now in this thick air in a world so dark it seems there will never be light again, to realize that we are preceding something beautiful and possible.... we are . this is the time that gives way... it cant stick to us... it has no sap, no juice, no love... it has to break.... i am inspired.... there are no experts..... there are poets whos words will soon burst out of there person and spill all over the street.... everybody writing everywhere with sharpies on clothes.... what we will feel will be so strong we will mistake it for rhinos splashing through our blood.... what we will set free is eachother..... no fooling.... what lies ahead is daunting... and the ones so young they broke in the water, were spared. not by the sword... by the heart.... we must set this time in history ablaze..... with the beautiful and the possible .... i am back... i missed you.

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